Why should you participate:

Winners in each nomination will have opportunities to receive travel grants from SFedU for a trip with a report to a conference or summer school.
Winners of the competition will receive diplomas which can be used as a part of their portfolio. It will be a great benefit upon entrance to SFedU.
The winners of the competition who are the students of other universities will be able to activate their grants if they transfer to Southern Federal University.
Field of research
    • Medicine of the Future, Biotechnologies
    • Information Technologies
    • Nanotechnologies, Smart materials
    • Robotics, control systems, navigation and communications
    • Geopolitics and Geoeconomics of the South of Russia
    • Problems and development prospects of the Azov and Black Sea Basin
    • Competition of scientific articles for Bachelor's degrees students
    • Competition of scientific articles for Master's degrees students
    • Competition of popular scientific articles
    Main terms of the competition

    Submit your application before April 11, 2020

    The competition "SFedU - the science of the future" is held to identify and support talented and creatively active students and graduates, to stimulate research work.

    The competition is open for students of all universities in Russia and abroad. You can submit your application online in Russian or English. The verification of the works is carried out anonymously. The results of the competition will be announced in April.

    The Organizing Committee of the competition establishes the number of winners in each nomination according to the number of works submitted for this nomination. The number of winners will be recorded in the Protocol before the summing up of the competition results. The results of the competition will be documented by the Protocol of the Organizing Committee of the competition on the basis of the commissions' protocols signed by the Chairman of the competition.

    See Terms of the competition "SFedU - the science of the future

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