Master's program

Computational modeling in technology and finance

01.04.02- Applied Mathematics and Computer science
Type of study
2 years
Academic mobility option
Further studies at Ph.D. level
Study places available
State - supported education
Tuition fee - based
Program description
Courses, offered in master’s program cover a wide range of areas. Student will gain the skills, which he/she can apply in future career in science or industry. You will gain the fundamental skills of mathematical modeling and using software in qualitative research, which they can apply in a future to real-world problems. Modern methods of data analysis and decision making require tools from probability, statistics, optimization, machine learning, scientific calculations. The program will present these tools in an accessible way through numerous examples.
Core subjects
  • Stochastic Modeling and Statistical Data Processing
  • Modern Computer Technology
  • Modern Problems of Applied Mathematics аnd Informatics
  • Research Seminar
  • Machine learning: mathematical basis
  • Advanced Problems of Mathematical Physics
  • Numerical Methods of Linear Algebra
  • Analytical Computing Packages
  • Konstantin Nadolin
    Course Director
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