Master's program
Ecosystems of tourism,
service and hospitality

43.04.01- Service
43.04.02- Tourism
43.04.03- Hotel business
Type of study
2 years
Academic mobility option
Further studies at Ph.D. level
Study places available
State - supported education
(only for Russian nationals and nationals whose parents were born in the USSR)
Tuition fee-based
Program description
The program forms an innovatory approach to the tourism industry as innovative ecosystems that are drivers of national economies. The hospitality industry is considered from the point of view of the resource base, business and project management, development and implementation of modern technologies in manufacturing processes.

Top reasons to study

The academic disciplines are taught by young and successful scientists and practitioners of the hospitality industry in English. This will allow not only to gain knowledge necessary for work, but also to learn professional vocabulary
The program includes interesting traineeships that will help to understand how the industry works and what opportunities there are for professional development.
We can offer internships in the best travel companies of the world, both in Russia and abroad.
There is an opportunity to get a double diploma: Southern Federal University and the French Higher School of Tourism.
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Core subjects
  • Technological innovations in tourism and hospitality
  • Theory and methodology of research and teaching in hospitality
  • Communication management in hospitality
  • Tourism and hospitality business
  • Project activity module
  • Professional communications in hospitality
  • Tourism development in the South of Russia
  • Excursion business
  • Team tools and marketing media
  • Area studies and tourist destinations
  • Brand and community management
  • Communications and intercultural exchange
  • Project management
  • Sales strategy
  • Admission requirements
    • You need to pass the entrance exam.
    • Bachelor's or Specialist's degree is required.
    • To enter the program, it is not necessary to have a special education in tourism or hospitality; we teach students who have completed a Bachelor's or Specialist's degree in various specialties.
  • Tatiana Viktorovna Goryaynova
    Director of the Independent notprofit organization "Agency for Tourism Development of the Rostov Region"
  • Véronique Beclie
    Director of the Higher School of Tourism (part of L "EcosystemYSCHOOLS)
  • Kira Igorevna Zakharova
    General director - FSUE "President Hotel"
  • Dmitry Aleksandrovitch Ruban
    Associate Professor
    Higher School of Business
  • Diana Anatolievna Kozlova
    Associate Professor
    Higher School of Business
  • Anna Valerievna Shmytkova
    Senior lecturer
    Higher School of Business
  • Ksenia Vladimirovna Kushnir
    Senior lecturer
    Higher School of Business
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