Master's program
IT Management

09.04.01- Informatics and computation
Type of study
2 years
Academic mobility option
Further studies at Ph.D. level
Study places available
State - supported education
(only for Russian nationals and nationals whose parents were born in the USSR)
Tuition fee-based
Program description

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Nearly every modern organization today needs qualified IT managers - the demand of the labor market for such kind of specialists has grown for by 10% for last decade. Employers are looking for skilled information IT-professionals who possess project management and problem- solving abilities to drive change and keep organizations running smoothly.
The goal of the Master's program "IT Management" is to prepare qualified professionals with an interest in information technology (IT) and information systems who are looking to accelerate their careers.

Top reasons to study

The curriculum combines core classes with electives to give you a strong foundation along with the freedom to pursue the courses that interest you.
Internship at the facilities of the program's partners - the leading IT companies of Taganrog - IT-capital of the Russian South
Ideal for both experienced IT professionals and those just beginning their careers in information systems management.
Low tuition fees in comparison with our competitors
Graduates of the «IT Management» program are prepared to:
  • №1
    Be knowledgeable about business processes and the integration between business functions and IT
  • №2
    Lead IT management and strategy—both of people and systems
  • №3
    Analyze, design, develop and embed IT systems
  • №4
    With their in-depth entrepreneurial and management skills, «IT management» graduates have excellent prospects in a wide range of careers, such as technology management, IT consulting, change or project management, and business analysis.
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Core subjects
  • IT-Project Management
  • Software requirements management
  • Risk management in IT-projects
  • Big DATA Technology
  • Enterprise IT Infrastructure
  • Prof. Yuriy Zachinyaev
    Program Director, phD
    Associate Professor
    E-Mail yvzach@sfedu.r
  • Evgeniya Michailovna Gerasimenko
    Candidate of Sciences
    Associate Professor
    Institute of Computer Technologies and Information Security Works at the Department of Computer-Aided Design Systems.
  • Alexey Sergeevich Mushenko
    Candidate of Sciences
    Associate Professor
    Institute of Computer Technologies and Information Security Works at the Department of Synergetics and Management Processes.
  • Nemury Silega Martínez
    University of Information Sciences, Cuba, PhD
    Nemury does research in Software Engineering, Model Driven development (MDD) and development and application of Ontologies. Their current project is 'Development of semantic software'.
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