Submission deadlines: March, 1st – June, 15th 2019

The list of the required documents:

Application form for the Competition participant;

Copy of education document, legalized in due course (for graduate students in Specialist and Master studies the copy of the certificate of the period of study is required);

Research Project (in Russian and English) consisting of the main part and the essay in a foreign language;

Feedback from a scientific adviser for the research project.
Format requirements:

Research project should meet the following requirements:

Volume of the main part - 10-25 pages, volume of the essay in a foreign language – 2-3 pages;

Typeface – Times New Roman;

font size - 14;

line spacing – 1,5.

Each separate document must be submitted in PDF format. All the necessary documents are united in one folder, which is archived afterwards. Аrchive folder format – RAR.

Contact information:
If you have any questions about Competition, please contact the head specialist of the Centre for International Programmes and Projects
Olga Valerievna Goryanskaya.