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Lesego Molapisi
Faculty of Economics, class of 2018)
The Ph.D. program at Southern Federal University takes an interdisciplinary approach to learning and is designed to produce highly qualified and knowledgable academics. The program aims to educate and build the intellectual strengths of leading scholars that will make a difference in the world. The course module system is very well organized and provides a stable learning structure for all enrolled students. The university hosts numerous interesting conferences and academic events, providing scholars the opportunity to present and publish their research findings at little to no cost. This is a challenging and highly demanding program that requires exceptional research capabilities, I owe much of my success to the support and mentorship of my academic supervisor. The professors and lecturers at SFU are highly engaged and facilitating, this was especially important for me as an international student."

Chunlei Zhang
After got the Master's degree in UK, I work in a university as one of the administrative faculty in China since 2015 and I always wish to have a chance for further study. In 2018, I participated in the PhD cooperation program between Southern Federal University and Henan University of Economics and Law. I am supervised by Professor Anastasia Y. Nikitaeva from the Department of Information Economics. With her kindly encouragement, I've grown more academically in research and study. My research topic is about how labor market and educational institutions interacted in digital economy. I believe it is an interesting and significant research direction in nowadays digital life. Also, the Southern Federal University provides opportunities for students to take part in various conference meetings and other academic activities. The Campus has comfortable accommodation with security measures and all kinds of services for students.

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