Portfolio competition for foreign nationals
Deadline of apply:

June 26 – August 15, 2020
The application should contain:

copy of a legalized education document (for students of graduate years of 5-year programs or Master's programs it's a copy of certificate of study period);

participant's portfolio.

Participant's portfolio contains a research project and an essay in a foreign language.

The research project should reflect:

- relevance of the chosen research topic;

- purpose and list of tasks;

- significance of the conducted research;

- literature review;

- information on the participant's scientific publications based on the results of research work (Annex № 2);

- list of sources used.

The essay in a foreign language is a summary of the draft of the research work. The draft of the research work and the essay are done in Russian or English.


- draft of the research work – 10-25 pages;

- essay in a foreign language – 2-3 pages;

- font – Times New Roman;

- size – 14 pt;

- line space – 1.5.

Contact information:
If you have any questions about Competition, please contact the head specialist of the Centre for International Programmes and Projects
Olga Valerievna Goryanskaya.