Students feedback
Chenxi Wang
Postgraduate students of economics at Southern Federal University
I enrolled in the English PhD programme in Sep 2018.
In my opinion, Southern Federal University is great in many ways, but two of them are most outstanding. First of all, the professors are excellent, from my course tutors to my academic supervisor, Prof. Anastasia Y. Nikitaeva, all of them are most friendly, supportive and also with superb academic qualifications. Secondly, the online resources that are provided by the university library are quite abundant and are most helpful in conducting my own research.
Postgraduate students of economics at Southern Federal University
From Afghanistan
The most important thing in postgraduate studies in economics at Southern Federal University is the ability to conduct research in various fields: macroeconomic management, enterprise management, management, marketing, accounting and economics. This diversity is important to me
Li Ho
From China

Studying at Southern Federal University has changed my life a lot. In the end, I continued my studies in graduate school and successfully defended my dissertation. Therefore, I want to express special thanks to the university and my teachers. And in China I will continue my studies and research
Postgraduate students of Southern Federal University
From China
Professors give students many opportunities for action, and they also allow students to show themselves in work and in research. The great advantage of the university is access to library resources, scientific databases, and for me it is very important
Chunlei ZHANG
Postgraduate students of economics at Southern Federal University
I chose a graduate school in economics at Southern Federal University.
I was very lucky that the Southern Federal University appointed us English-speaking professors, which was very useful and great.
And also the campuses provided a very convenient accommodation for students here.