Master's program
Russian Cultural Studies

51.04.01-Cultural studies
Type of study
2 years
Academic mobility option
Further studies at Ph.D. level
Study places available
State - supported education
(only for Russian nationals and nationals whose parents were born in the USSR)
Tuition fee-based
Program description
Cultural studies is a special field of interdisciplinary approaches to culture and society analysis. The program is aimed at the Russian socio-cultural phenomenon research that covers such significant issues as history, religion, literature, philosophy, architecture, art and peculiarities of the Russian cultural archetype.

Top reasons to study

Bilingual learning model & opportunity to learn the Russian Language and choose courses taught in Russian
No similar programs as this one on the Russian education market
Interdisciplinary focus of the program is supported by a network of related disciplines in the fields of history, philosophy, philology, religious studies, political science, etc.
The model of the Master's educational program is mixed and involves the synthesis of research, practice-oriented and management trajectories
Career outcomes
Program graduates acquire profound knowledge of the Russian Culture and are able to understand the depth of processes taking place in Modern Russia.
That will let them to work as experts at Сross-Сultural Dialogue Organization. The graduates are well prepared for analytical projects and scientific research activity, public authorities, cultural and educational organizations, museums.
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Core subjects
  • Culture and Philosophy of Ancient Greece in Russian Studies of Classics
  • Soviet Science and Science in Modern Russia
  • Paradigm of Modern Humanities: Cultural Studies, Socio- and Psycholinguistics
  • Semiotic Studies in Russia and development of the Humanities in Europe
  • History of Russian Culture and Cultural Industries: Russian Experience
  • Russian as a foreign language
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Contemporary Russian Political History
  • European and Russian Cultural Bonds
  • Religions in the Contemporary Russian Culture
  • Russian Cinema History
  • Culture of the Soviet Era
  • History of Russian Marxism
  • Don Cossacks: History and Cultural Relations
  • Admission requirements
    • Required knowledge of English (preferably B2 and higher), basic knowledge of Russian (optional)
    • A graduate of any field of study can enroll.
  • Ekaterina Yurievna Lipec
    Candidate of Sciences Head of the Institute of Philosophy and Social and Political Studies
  • Konstantin Dmitrievich Skripnik
    Professor, Doctor of Philosophy
    Author of many works on logic, semiotics, dialogue theory, theory and practice of management
  • Liudmila Aleksandrovna Shtompel
    Professor, Doctor of Philosophy
    Leading scientist in the field of cultural anthropology of the city, modern urban culture.
  • Svetlana Valerievna Kruze
    Art expert, curator, Head of the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts
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